Little Bubble Bum's NOW available for PRE-ORDER. Launching 30/12/19

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  • Little Bubble Bum's

    Whether you haven't met a suitable partner, in a same sex relationship or having infertility issues, you are not alone and there are So many options out there. I think my emotions for sure ignited the idea to start a children's clothing line, Maybe someday I will be able to stick one of my own offspring into A "Little Bubble Bum".

  • "Made in China and pretty damn proud of it too."

    Though initially I was hesitant to tell people where I make my clothes, I now have the knowledge and understand where this subconscious insecurity came from. I can finally say with CONFIDENCE my clothes are made in China and I am pretty damn proud! I take a lot of inspiration from China, I am very interested in this culture and wanted to create a garment of cultural value. Not only am I proud that my clothing is made in China but I wanted my customers to also be proud wearing it.