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  • Covid-19 support.

     But its time to lean on our support system and help each other as much as we can, Whether its a like on a post, tagging us in your costume, a share,telling a friend about us,or even if you have some photos you want to send me that I can post on our wall, something as a little as this could make a massive difference. In these difficult times where we need to be distancing ourselves, on the contrary we can use all the resources available to us to stay connected, share ideas and innovate.
  • Little Bubble Bum's

    Whether you haven't met a suitable partner, in a same sex relationship or having infertility issues, you are not alone and there are So many options out there. I think my emotions for sure ignited the idea to start a children's clothing line, Maybe someday I will be able to stick one of my own offspring into A "Little Bubble Bum".

  • "Made in China and pretty damn proud of it too."

    Though initially I was hesitant to tell people where I make my clothes, I now have the knowledge and understand where this subconscious insecurity came from. I can finally say with CONFIDENCE my clothes are made in China and I am pretty damn proud! I take a lot of inspiration from China, I am very interested in this culture and wanted to create a garment of cultural value. Not only am I proud that my clothing is made in China but I wanted my customers to also be proud wearing it.