My Bubble Bum

Royal Marine - Ribbon Bralet two-piece


Royal Marine is one of our favorite colour combination, with a deep blue and luxurious crushed gold velvet. With such contrasting tones they compliment and work well together. A very elegant set with a cheeky ruffled Bum. Are sets are handmade with made with love in the hometown of Wuqiao. We work closely with these talented artisans by applying their traditional techniques to our vibrant fabrics. My Bubble Bum creates a sustainable form of income for our artisans. Thank you for supporting our dream, and supporting the well being of our beloved Wuqiao artisans. Our ruffle sets are made to order so please allow up to a week for us to dispatch. You can pop us a message if you have a specific date you need this by.


The reason we state a size range rather than a single size (eg. '8-10' rather than just '8') is because many of our garments are designed to allow flexibility in the fit.
Some styles are made from stretch fabric, others are a more free style or made from non-stretch fabric.
It also comes down to personal preference of how you like a garment to feel on your body - some people like a closer fit, others prefer more give. 
Body shapes vary hugely even within the same size range, so we do our best to make clothes that are as wearable as possible, whilst acknowledging that it is impossible to make a single garment that works for everybody! 
That is why we try to design a range of different styles and we are always happy to advise you on which size or style may be best for your body.

You are also welcome to order more than one size to try on, and then return one for a refund. 
We really want to try and help you find the best fitting piece, so please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

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